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Get to know our cats, raised freely, at home, with our children and our dogs. They are loved, with their own veterinarian ... Click on the "Mainecoons" link!

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A family that loves animals
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ES-0262-BC-78/2016 WCF 10317-2016

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  • Breed with love ...

    Hello, I'm Núria and first of all I would like to thank you for visiting my website! I am a professional breed of the Maine Coon cats breed and Cocker Spaniel dogs. What makes me different from other breeders is that both our cats and our dogs are a member of our family, they live with my husband and my three children. I sell puppies from Maine Coon and Cocker Spaniel, loved and raised at home with children, they are so sociable and lots of.
    Each of our puppies is raised and loved as an individual for a family with three children who play and walk there .
    There are few breeders who can say how we are, that our puppies are not raised in cages and do not form part of any reproductive chain that explodes to the mother.

  • Our cats

    Always since childhood, I had cats from the street at home, I always adopted them, so that, through the protective Amics dels Animals de Balenyà, I saw a picture of a hairy and old cat that nobody wanted, I adopted it.
    It was Estel, our most faithful exotic cat (unfortunately, Estel died last year of an embolism, we miss it). How much I wanted to find out what race belonged to Estel, I discovered the race Maine Coon.
    It was love at first glance. We soon acquired in Linx and Lúlu, and later Ashanti, Markus, Kira Honey, James and Waikiki, our Turdillends breeding cats.
    They are fantastic and live with three children, two dogs and a cat adopted.

  • Guaranty of Turdillencs

    We take special care of the health of our cats and dogs, as well as their diet, with the aim of growing healthy. Our animals are delivered after 3 months of life, sociable, vaccinated, worms, tested with a microchip, with the veterinary and pedigree card.

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maine coon

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Our litters

We have kittens!
Our kittens are healthy animals, we sell them with a contract and with all the guarantees. Kittens are delivered with chips, wandering internally and externally, vaccinated and with their pedigree. With Spanish card if they are by company, and with European passport if they are for sale or breeding around the world. The transport is the responsibility of the buyer.

maine coon

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Carrer Sant Marçal, 24 - 08552 Taradell (Barcelona)

676 26 56 90

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